FTM Demo
Below is just a brief set of examples of screens of Family Tree Maker Version 16:

The "Family View" is obtained by clicking on the 4th icon on the 2nd line - below the word "Books".  It shows the parents, and above the parents are shortcuts to the parents of the husband and parents of the wife.  See below - of all the parents of Robert Brown, we only know his father as "Father of Robert" and we do not know his mother's name, or the parents of his wife Jane.  But clicking on either of those areas puts that set of parents into the main position on the page and below them are the children.
Just below the parents information box on the left is a button "Edit" and it will open a neat screen where you can leave notes - see the next screen for that.  But next to every child are two boxes you can click on and the first gives you the "Notes/edit" screen and the second moves that individual into a "Parent Position" and shows the "Family View" of that person!  You walk down generations that way, and up generations by clicking on the boxes above either spouse.

Clicking on that "Edit" link for either parent or any child brings up an Edit box with tabs of General, Facts, Notes, Medical, and Address.  Notes is of particular importance as you can put anything you want there from obituaries to just family information.  

The "Facts" tab gives the screen below.  You can add more facts such as baptism date, - all kinds of categories by clicking on "Add Fact"

The 7th icon from the left shows a family tree and you can select descendant or ancestor trees in many formats.  Below is a descendant tree down one generation and I've limited what is in the boxes.  You can click on Contents and change what fields appear in the boxes and also limit the number of generations shown in the tree.

The 8th icon from the left leads to reports and under that I love the "Genealogy Report" .  You can select whether it is ancestral sequenced or descendant sequenced and with or without notes!  Here is a section with notes:

The same report, but selecting without notes follows (shows the children, no notes!):

OK - but how to you jump to a different individual without walking up and down 'trees'?  Click on the 9th icon that looks like a set of index cards.  You can type in the name of who you want to "jump to" on the top (Last, First Middle) and select from those shown.

OK - now with that, after entering your own family for a generation or 2, just play and check out all the options for the various trees and reports - pretty neat!