ND Farm
We're going to put a sign up at the old homestead and are trying to figure out what to put on it.

The current proposal:

The Winsness Farm

 Proud home of Jens & Emma Winsness

Jens Winsness immigrated from Norway in 1905. Working as a "farm-hand" here when the farm was operated by Con Sellie, he met and fell in love with Emma Bjugstad who also worked on area farms as a "farm-girl" and cook for the thrashing crews. When Con Sellie purchased a nearby farm, Jens stayed here and married Emma.

Working together they built a family farm, raised cattle, chickens, pigs, turkeys, and milked cows. Jens was especially proud of his large Belgian horses that helped him break the sod of the Winsness Farm.

Emma was a stalwart member of the Ladies Aid and proud of her Christian and Scandanavian heritage.

Together they raised three children- John, Cora and Arnold. Emma passed away in 1954, and Jens passed away in 1956.

This memorial is placed in loving memory by the grand children of Jens & Emma Winsness